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everything you need to know before using your air cleaner

Check the power cable and make sure it is connected to electricity. If it still doesn’t light up make sure the filter cover is closed properly.

Make sure the cleaner is in a place that easily absorbs dirty air (not hidden or blocked by many other objects).

Clean the filter and replace the filter if it is 6 months.

It indicates that the timing of the timing of the filter changes to the set value. When you replace the filter long press the reset button to reset.

There is a fan located on the back of the air purifier that sucks air through the filter and blows our clean air. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

Do not put the Air Cleaner in a corner. You can put the air purifier in the center of your rooms.

It’s okay, but please mind that the air changes per hour will reduce in larger room.

You can keep all the windows and doors closed and try to limit pets or too many people in the room as this will increase the amount of pet hair / carbon dioxide.

AC to cool the air, while the Air Cleaner has an essential function, namely cleaning the air from dust, dander, harmful gases, bacteria, viruses, pollen and other pollutants that can harm health.

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